Register with skype video consultations

To achieve real visible results from your homecare and effectively treat your skin concerns, a professional skin consultation is crucial. A fully qualified Ultraceuticals therapist is available to talk through your skincare concerns face-to-face. During the 20 minute consultation the Ultraceuticals Skin Expert will analyse your skin, understand your concerns, determine your correct skin type and write a tailored prescription that combines the products and treatments to help you achieve real visible results.

Before booking your consultation, please check that your computer has internet access, a microphone so we can hear you, sound so you can hear us, and a web camera so we can see each other. You also need SKYPE which you can download for free.

To book a Skype consultation, please email and let us know:

  • Which days of the week and times (AM or PM) work best for you for a consultation.
  • What time zone you are in.
  • Your Skype username.
  • Your best contact number.

We aim to schedule your Skype consultation within 5 working days of receiving your email.