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Meet Sue-Ann, 40

Everyone has their own journey to embark on and RVR90 definitely put Sue-Ann Smith, 2016 RVR90 Ambassador on the right path. This is the story of an inspirational woman overcoming personal skin struggles and self-consciousness. Sue-Ann shares her story, from forming close friendships with her skin technician, to overcoming hurdles and triumphing with confidence like no other. The RVR90 skin journey helped her achieve her skin goals with real visible results.

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Sue-Ann, 40

Weekly facials and fortnightly peels, and morning and night time skin routines, are an incredibly high commitment for a working mum of three but like her gym training, this was something Sue-Ann was doing for herself and over time, as her pigmentation began to visibly improve, Sue-Ann’s confidence followed.

Lee, 45

Having worked outdoors most of his life, 45 year-old plumber Lee didn’t often give much thought to his skin. And despite being committed to an active lifestyle and healthy diet, stress can wreak havoc on the best of skins. Lee’s was no different with visible signs of ageing around the eyes and cheeks, redness, uneven skin tone and dehydration apparent.

Maddison, 15

Never before have young people been under so much pressure to look picture perfect. From selfies to snapchat, social media is awash with glowing complexions however, for many, the reality speaks of a different story. When 15 year-old Maddison joined the RVR90 Skin program, her skin was visibly inflamed and sore, full of blemishes and flaky, all characteristic of acne. The amazing results achieved were astounding, to say the least, and Maddisons’ mega-watt smile says it all.

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Winners results were achieved through a combination of at-home and in-clinic treatments.

For student Maddison, acne was a hurdle she was desperate to overcome. Maddison's RVR90 journey began in February 2015 and within a couple of months saw dramatic improvements to the texture and clarity of her complexion. Discover how the Ultra Clear range as well as professional skin treatments gave Maddison her best ever skin!

Becoming aware of her pigmentation over a decade ago, 40 year-old real estate agent Sue-Ann battled with her skin’s arch nemesis through three pregnancies where it progressively worsened —spreading through the cheek and forehead areas. Discover how Sue-Ann achieved her best ever skin with RVR90, through professional skin treatments and prescribed home care products.

Having worked outdoors most of his life, Lee didn’t often give much thought to his skin. The odd application of SPF here and there, soap and water, or nothing at all. Now a devoted Ultraceuticals user, Lee was able battle the visible signs of ageing with RVR90. Discover Lee's journey today!


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