TREAT | Redness associated with photoageing

Ultra Red Action Range

Designed for sensitive and redness prone skin, Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser can be applied morning and evening to nourish and soothe.

Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser

Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser

This bioactive moisturiser nourishes and soothes sensitive, redness-prone skin. Contains powerful ingredients to promote the healthy barrier function of the skin and visibly reduce the appearance of facial redness. Paraben free. Synthetic fragrance free.

Suitable for all skin types.


Concern Explained

What causes facial redness & sensitive skin?

‘Sensitive skin’ is a term used to describe skin that has a reduced tolerance to the application of products. Sensitvity, and the facial redness it can lead to, is often a result of an impaired skin barrier but can also be associated with changes in the capillaries caused by sun damage.

There are many trigger factors that can cause an impaired skin barrier, including:

  • Diet
  • Climatic conditions - heat, cold, low humidity
  • Stress – which impairs lipid bilayer formation
  • Over cleansing and under moisturising
  • Using incorrect skin care products or proffessional treatments
  • Photoageing
  • Skin disorders or diseases such as Rosacea and Psoriasis

How does an impaired skin barrier cause redness?

1. Lipids in the skin barrier are disrupted by one of the above factors.
2. The barrier integrity is compromised enabling irritants to penetrate.
3. Penetrants interact with epidermal cells, causing an inflammatory response.
4. The inflammation leads to vasodilation (expansion of the blood vessels), leading to redness/ Erythema, often accompanied by a stinging sensation and sometimes swelling.

How does photoageing lead to redness?

  • Free radicals damage from the sun thins the skin making it easier to see the underlying blood vessels.
  • The sun injures the skin stimulates natural wound healing. This process triggers the development of more blood vessels, which also contributes to redness.
  • The sun also causes new and existing blood vessels to become twisted and dilated leading to more redness.

Photoaged skin

1. Hyperpigmentation appears.
2. Fine lines & wrinkles appear.
3. Dermis becomes thinner and dermal matrix is broken down.
4. Blood vessels (capillaries) become contorted & enlarged giving the appearance of redness.

Ingredient Spotlight - Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser

Niacinamide and Ethyl Ascorbate help to minimise visible redness and blotchy skin tone. Vital hydrators Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA and Urea work with Niacinamide (B3), Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to support the skin’s lipid barrier function.

Real Visible Results

Our products are clinically trialled through panel tests to ensure efficacy. We are proudly certified Cruelty Free and never test our products on animals.

Panellist 1

Result may vary depending on individual skin conditions

Result may vary depending on individual skin conditions

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Result may vary depending on individual skin conditions

Result may vary depending on individual skin conditions